A Celebration of Everyday Bravery

On the first day of school, my third-grader put on his new bookbag and then he put on a big smile too. I was so struck by his bravery. We went through all the usual reminders you’d give a child who is preparing to go to a new school, and then added a few more: where his lunch box would be, where he would be sitting in the cafeteria, and where his epi-pen would be housed for the year. As much as it takes courage for any kid to go to a new school, it takes something more in this case. My son has a severe peanut allergy. The smallest [...]

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What the Irish Can Teach Us About Telling and Healing Stories

My grandmother was a tough woman. She could come off as cold, but those of us in her family knew she had a huge heart. We understood where she came from because we knew her story: she grew up during the Depression. […]

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Finding Beauty in the Midst of Holiday Stress

Here we are in the middle of December. Some of the 2016 holiday season is already in the memory books, but there are still many more joys – and stresses! – awaiting us before New Year’s Day. How can you hold on to the beautiful moments and prepare yourself to survive with the challenges? […]

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Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right. ~ Henry Ford Man oh man, this is a big one. This is such a powerful statement. It is simple but says so much. I can’t claim it as my own since I first saw it on a bumper sticker on my way to NC one summer. However, I have been using this, personally and professionally ever since. Because this is what I teach people to do, not believe everything they think. […]

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BALANCE – Part 3 – 6 Strategies for Finding Balance

Let’s recap quickly from our last blog.  In Part 2 of the 6 strategies we discussed the following   Awareness –  Start to notice where you are spending your time Delegate  –     You are not an island Connection – Connect. People need People   Have you tried them out yet? Are they working? Did you come up with any new ideas on your own?   Let’s continue on and discuss the last 3 of 6 strategies – But make sure and continue to practice the ones that have helped. […]

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BALANCE – Part 2 – 6 Strategies for Finding Balance

In my last blog –  Part 1 of Finding Balance – I introduced the meaning of balance; I also talked about “tidy up” and “whitespace”.  If you didn’t get a chance to read it, click here This week I want to give you the first 3 of 6 Strategies for Finding Balance. Try them out, see how they feel and continue to practice the ones that help. You will soon find you are feeling happier, stronger and more steady.  […]

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BALANCE – Part 1 – 6 Strategies for Finding Balance

Webster defines balance as… An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright or steady. I wasn’t sure what I would write about for my first official blog.  Until I realized our basement was flooding and then it became very clear on what I was to share. You see, I had to get the kids to school, do paperwork, go grocery shopping, call to schedule doctor appointments, and go to an important appointment for… oh yeah, me! […]

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