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About Be Well and Colleen Kradel

Colleen B. Kradel, TherapistYou know that feeling of “not good enough” that distracts you and makes you feel small?

I know I do. I think we all do from time to time.

But sometimes, you feel like you can’t shake your case of not good enoughitis. This persistent feeling comes from trying to be someone you’re not. Constantly striving to be perfect or to fit into everyone else’s expectations depletes you and makes you forget who you really are.

When you come to therapy, you get to drop the pretensions. You get to be vulnerable and explore the fears and tough feelings that you worry you can’t reveal to the people you love.

As you get more comfortable talking to me about your real wants and needs, you build the skills that will enable you to show yourself to your family, friends, and colleagues.

Who I really am as a therapist

I am a Clinical Social Worker operating in Martinsburg, WV, and I practice mostly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I am recently certified as a Certified Daring Way Facilitator (CDWF). This certification allows me to work with my client’s using Brené Brown’s curriculum on vulnerability and courage. Clients who use this curriculum open themselves up to learn about their barriers to living a full and whole-hearted life. Please check out my webpage on The Daring Way™ for more information.

I see it my role to listen and watch and meet you where you are. I create a safe, peaceful space where you can drop the mask and begin to reveal and heal your true self.

Your stories, your needs, your darkest hours, and your brightest moments take center stage when you’re in my office. I bring respect, kindness, and a sense fun so that you feel empowered to make changes in your life.

A few more details about me:

I graduated from the University of Maryland, School of Social Work in 2003 and have been in private practice since 2009. I specialize in treating people with anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic attacks, and social phobia. I am on the Board of Girls on the Run of the Shenandoah Valley – a non-profit organization teaching young girls about self-love and empowerment – and part of the Healthy Berkeley Committee. And, I’m a mom.

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    My Office

    My office is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Martinsburg.

    The meeting space offers full privacy and an intimate environment during your appointment.

    Should you arrive early to your appointment, there is also a spacious waiting room in the front.

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