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About Be Well and Ellie Johnson

Childhood is harder to navigate than ever before.

Whether it’s in the classroom, on the playground, or in the world of apps and screens – it’s so painful to watch your child struggle.

You want so much to protect your kids – that’s part of your biology after all – but you’re struggling too. You understand that life is messy and so much is beyond your control. And still, it hurts to realize you can’t “make it all better” like when your child was really small.

It’s ok. As a parent, it’s not actually your job to make everything perfect for your kids. (Really!) Instead, it’s your job to offer the love and support they need.

Right now, your child might need a counselor who can help them develop the appropriate skills to work with their own feelings and behaviors.

Hi, I’m Ellie Johnson, a licensed graduate social worker who is trained to help your child cope with their anxieties and learn how to flourish, even when childhood is harder than it should be.

In my office, we use play, art, and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to create a safe, fun and relaxed environment where your child can grow.

More about my training

I have received my bachelor’s degree in social work from Shepherd University, and my Master’s in social work through Walden University. I have completed internships at the Behavioral Health Unit in Martinsburg through the West Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness and through Be Well Counseling Services. I have work experience with the National Youth Advocate Program, where I worked with foster children and their families, as well as with the West Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness where I worked with families and individuals.

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Our Office

My office is conveniently located within The Hub in the heart of downtown Martinsburg.

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The meeting space offers full privacy and an intimate environment during your appointment.

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Should you arrive early to your appointment, there is also a spacious waiting room in the front.

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