You need a safe space to explore your emotions and express your feelings. You and your family need help as you deal with the anxiety, uncertainty, and stress that are all too common today.

Our team of therapists can help you heal, grow, and become more resilient during challenging times.

Welcome to Be Well Better Counseling Services
Psychotherapists in Martinsburg, WV
Counseling for children, teens, and adults across West Virginia

You used to be able to handle everything, but everything changed…

Your job, your relationship, your family responsibilities, your health. If you feel like life is more challenging, you’re not alone.

And yet, all of these new stresses can leave you feeling very lonely and isolated. You and your loved ones need a new kind of support to deal with everything from big transitions to everyday tensions.

Your family’s mental health needs have never been more important.

At Be Well Better Counseling Services, we’re here to help you cope with the feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, and grief that make life particularly hard right now. 

Therapy sessions with our compassionate, dedicated counselors offer you the time and space to reflect and heal. We are story keepers and healers who empower you to discover self-acceptance and self-love.

When you come to us for support you’ll get the mental tools and find the emotional perspective that will help you navigate change while you find new ways to grow and thrive.


We are currently in network with:
Blue Cross Blue Shield


Please inquire regarding other out of network insurances.

If you are paying privately, you have the right to a Good Faith Estimate of the costs you may incur. This will be provided to you prior to an evaluation. 


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