Anxiety Relief and Counseling

What’s the most common reason people decide to search for a therapist? Anxiety.

This has been true for many years, but in 2020 anxiety is growing at an alarming rate. The Washington Post reports that one third of US adults struggle with anxiety and/or depression.

What are the signs of anxiety? 

  • Persistent feelings of worry and unease
  • Restlessness/difficulty relaxing
  • Overthinking/overanalyzing plans, solutions, or outcomes
  • Predicting worse-case scenarios
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Indecisiveness/fear of making the wrong decision

You may be thinking “doesn’t everyone feel this way right now?”

To an extent, this is true. The current state of the world and all of the related disruptions are causing anxiety for everyone. But that’s not a reason to minimize the way you’re feeling. 

Anxiety is paralyzing and takes its toll on everything from your work to your relationships to your physical health.

Therapy can help you navigate the difficult emotions that make it so hard to deal with everyday stress and the huge challenges that are part of today’s world. With the help of a trusted therapist, you can learn the coping skills to manage worry and discern what problems need your attention and what concerns you can release. 

Call our office today to be matched with a therapist who can help you understand, manage, and heal your anxiety.

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