Life Transitions

Life is marked by constant change.

If you pause for a moment, you’ll be able to name several moments when your life took a major turn. This time though? Something is different. Something about this particular moment of transition feels particularly difficult. 

A therapist can help you navigate the major changes in life and the anxiety and stress they’re bringing up. 

People come to therapy as they navigate:

  • Divorce 
  • Separation
  • Empty Nesting
  • Career Change
  • Questions of identity & the need to reinvent yourself

It’s important to work through the self-judgment that appears as “this shouldn’t be this hard” or “I should be able to handle this.” As you acknowledge the grief for what you’ve lost you’ll be able to move into the future with a renewed sense of self-trust and resilience. 

Life transitions, butterfly illustration, analogy of change, growth, evolution
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