First Responders & Essential Workers

Your job has never been easy, but right now, it’s harder than ever.

In this moment of collective uncertainty, your profession has changed or become more intense.

You’re feeling pressure from every angle and you juggle competing priorities, including the desire to keep serving your community and the need to take care of your family.

As you care for others, you tend to lose track of what you need. 

Therapy offers you: 

  • A place to be honest about your emotions and your struggles
  • An opportunity to process vicarious trauma and the painful things you’ve witnessed
  • New tools to deal with unprecedented levels of stress

Our office offers individual online therapy to people anywhere in West Virginia.

We are also forming group therapy options that are available to individuals and organizations. Please call our office to inquire.

Essential worker, female nurse exhausted
First responders, doctors and nurses tired and stressed
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