Child & Teen Counseling

Childhood and the teen years are harder to navigate than ever before.

We’ve lived in an increasingly stressful world for some time. Our children are showing signs of strain. When you factor in the great disruption and uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus and the events of 2020, many kids are truly struggling. 

With all that you’re trying to manage as a parent, your child may need the kind of support that you just can’t offer right now.

This is when a trained psychotherapist can help.

Your child’s therapist can:

  • Help your child understand and talk about their emotions
  • Teach valuable coping skills
  • Give you insight into your child’s behavior and how you can support them between sessions 

When is it time to call a therapist?

Many parents wonder if it’s just a developmental stage or a temporary rough patch caused by so much time at home. A call to our office and an initial consultation can help you determine if this is the right time to consider therapy.

Often, children see us for counseling due to: 

  • Episodes of anger and increased conflict
  • Symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Changes in mood and behavior, including a change in sleep patterns 

Fortunately, online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy.

Due to Covid, we have been offering telehealth services since March. This allows us to serve clients in the Martinsburg area as well as people across the state of West Virginia.

Because play is often an important component of child therapy, we’re often asked if video calls are as effective as coming into the office. After several months of experience, we can confidently say that children, teens, and their families do benefit from online sessions and have reported noticeable improvement in their home life thanks to regular therapy.

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Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Be Well is currently connecting with clients through online therapy.   Contact Us.