Grief & Loss

Often, there’s an idea of how we “should” deal with loss. We get a number of months to feel “sad” and then those around us expect us to return to normal.

In truth, grief is often more complicated and it can linger for a long time.

As a society, we often have a narrow definition of grief and loss, confining it to the death of someone close to us. While a loved one’s death is a major source of pain for everyone during some part of life, there are many other causes of grief:

  • The end of a relationship
  • Changes in circumstances that change how “life is supposed to be”
  • Covid-19 and the many ways it has changed life as we know it

It’s possible to process grief and feel whole again in your own way and in your own time. Contact our office today to see a therapist who can walk with you through your own grief process.

Grieving woman sitting at the beach
Aloof man sitting on sofa
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