BALANCE – Part 3 – 6 Strategies for Finding Balance

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Let’s recap quickly from our last blog.  In Part 2 of the 6 strategies we discussed the following


  • Awareness –  Start to notice where you are spending your time
  • Delegate  –     You are not an island
  • ConnectionConnect. People need People


Have you tried them out yet?

Are they working?

Did you come up with any new ideas on your own?


Let’s continue on and discuss the last 3 of 6 strategies – But make sure and continue to practice the ones that have helped.

1. Saying No/Saying Yes – Knowing when to say NO is critical.

This is a big one; and one that I tend to struggle with.  Remember that you have a choice. You get to choose where you will spend your time each day, week, month, year.  Learn to say no – as it is allowed and it can feel pretty darn good!

So what do you say no to?

Only you can decide that, but what works for me when faced with the challenge of adding something to my schedule is to remember; whenever I am saying yes to something, I am saying no to something else.

You only have so much time, spend it wisely. If you say yes to a volunteer activity, what are you saying no to?

  • Time at work?
  • Putting your kids to bed?
  • Spending less time with your spouse or significant other?
  • Giving up a much needed vacation?
  • Connecting with a friend?
  • …or the big one – SELF-CARE?

And in some cases this will be worth it, just make sure that it is!

On the other hand, when you are saying no to something, you are saying yes to other things. This can help take the sting out of saying no because you are making yourself aware of why you are making the choice to say no.

2. HealthPaying attention to your health is vital to finding balance in your life.

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I know!!!  It feels like having to put yet one more thing on the calendar and the to-do list; but eating right and exercising will improve your energy levels, confidence and mood.  Making your health a priority may be easier if you connect with someone who enjoys the same activities you do – such as walking, running, yoga, and going to the gym – doing self-care together.  You can help each other stay accountable and also enjoy each other’s company while getting some exercise in.

The main thing is to try and fit something in your schedule which you enjoy. This is different for everyone. If you used to dance, maybe a dance class? If you enjoy biking, take a spin class? If you enjoy being outside, maybe walking outside?

3. Mental HealthTaking time for self-care goes a long way.

I am a little biased of course – but ensuring there is some focus on your mental health is vital. This could be finding time for some quiet moments to meditate, journal, or do some breathing exercises. ��Seeing a therapist can really help you to focus on coping skills.

Get a massage, facial or buy yourself some flowers. These things help to improve self-esteem, reduce anxiety and depression and ultimately will help you feel more balanced because you are not just giving of yourself but also “to” yourself.

Don’t forget to have fun!

What you do for fun?  – Do more of it!

Get your old camera out and take some pictures, take your brushes out and paint a picture, color in a coloring book, play tag with your kids, flirt with your husband. Laugh. Be FULLY present in those times to capture the love and joy in which you are making memories

Be mindful of even the smallest beautiful moments in your day and be grateful for those. Hold onto them and remember them when your basement is flooding or you are running late to drop your kids off to school because your newborn was up all night.

I encourage you to pick at least 2 of the 6 strategies and begin to implement them on a consistent basis.  Then, once you have those down add 1 or 2 more, along with continuing to do some of the first 3 strategies you learned in Part 2.

Before you know, you can be doing all of them and you WILL see a change in the BALANCE in your life!

Life is messy – but finding the balance in the mess is what makes it great.

Be sure to check back often for new blogs and tips.  If you have a topic or challenge you would like to see in a blog, feel free to let me know – you can email from the contact page.

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